My name is Boris Modylevsky. I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel

These days I promote software craftsmanship, test driven development, continuous integration and delivery, clean code principles. I also write posts in this blog and speak at developer events from time to time.

Currently I am working at Quali. For more info on my professional work, refer to my public Linkedin profile.

My little spare time is spent running open-source projects and contributing to other projects. I also organize Clean Code Alliance and QualiTechTalks meetup group, that promote different aspects of software development.

I have a strong academic background, at the same tome I am also hands-on and practical. I have graduated with bachelor degree from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Contact & Social:
Email: borismod@gmail.com
Twitter: @bormod
LinkedIn: in/borismod
GitHub: @borismod


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