Sunday 3 August 2014

TeamCityZen - TeamCity communication and socializing extension

Every organization that uses Continuous Integration can admit, that the continuous integration server became much more than just build-machine. It functions as company's central monitor for the healthiness and readiness of the software being developed. It answers many questions raised by developers, analysts, product managers, development managers, operations etc. But more than this, it became the center of communication for those team members. You can often hear conversations like those:

- I am waiting for you to finish this feature, can you let me know when you're done?
- I will commit the interface of service, so you could consume it. I'll send you an email when I do.

Those conversation led me to writing a TeamCity extension named TeamCityZen, since we are sort of citizens of the city named TeamCity. The extension enables mentioning somebody's username in commit comments. User who was mentioned in the comments will be notified by email. Support any kind of Source Control: Git, TFS, Subversion, etc.

Screenshot from TFS:

Feel free to download, use and extend.

More details:

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