Thursday 3 December 2015

How to access TeamCity REST API from C#?

If you work with JetBrains TeamCity as your Continuous Integration server, you probably know that it has rich REST API that allows querying builds, their configuration, builds queue and also perform CRUD operation on them. It might be extremely useful for building custom monitor, triggering builds, cleaning builds queue and many other activities.

In this post I would like to present FluentTc: an easy to use library for all the above operations. When I started working on this library, I had in mind, that it should has fluent, easy to discover API. That's what I like in libraries I consume, so I developed a library that looks like I like it and I hope that you r will find it also usable and easy to use.

In order to get started to use it, you need to install the recent package from Manage Nuget packages -> Search FluentTc

or typing the below in your Package Manager Console of

install-package FluentTc 

So now, having the reference, let's get to the code.

In order to get all the build of specific Build Configuration, you can simply use:

If you are familiar with TeamCity REST API you might know that when retrieving list of entities, it returns only some basic properties of those entities, Id, Name and some Href. It also provides an option to retrieve additional properties. And this is how it can be done using FluentTc:

The above methods return default amount of builds as retrieved from TeamCity REST API. If there is large amount of builds, you'd probably prefer retrieving them with paging, i.e. a few builds each time. This is how it can be achieved with FluentTc:

Of course you can apply different query filters when retrieving your builds. For example, in order to retrieve not personal, pinned, successful builds, that ran during the recent day under specific build configuration, use this:

FluentTc was inspired by Paul Stack's TeamCitySharp library.

For questions/suggestions feel free to comment below.

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