Monday 19 August 2013

How to kill ASP.NET Development Server or IIS Express

When working on a web project I need to kill all those instances of ASP.NET Development Server IIS Express. A simple and quick solution for this is a KillCassini extension for Visual Studio. Using a shortcut, Shift+Alt+K it stops all the instances of ASP.NET Development Server, also known as Cassini, and IIS Express as well.

Download from Visual Studio Extensions Gallery:


Lance Meyers said...

Wish I could have been known why it is called Cassini, kill in itself is understood.I haven't used this since a long but this extension works well and kills all the instances of the server.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft developers give such code names to their products before they are released. When the product is about to be released a more shiny name is chosen by marketing guys. There is no particular reason for most of the names. Here is a list on wikipedia: